Meet Emily

So wonderful to meet you

My name is Emily LaFleur-Brewster, I am a deaf wife and the loving mother of two beautiful sons John and Jaxon and husband Joshua who is a chef. I am so proud of my family, along with two cats Moo and Rubella and one dog Snowberry. Let me introduce myself!! 

I graduated in photojournalism from Loyalist College in 2016 and then started my own photography business.

I like challenges. This means taking real-life pictures when I have to be discreet. I still love natural photography because it represents real life. I'm on my way to be the best photographer I can be with a lot of practices. Every photo session is a step closer for me to be a professional photographer and a photojournalist. My family and friends support my passion, and often become practicing subjects.  

I love to country in my life, oak, rustic, beautiful forest and somewhere place. I know what my clients want to vision pictures, I do for them! I love to see with people smile and nature candid pictures in country. I am so energetic take pictures every photo sessions.


Do not be fear we can use to gesture and show you how to right way.

I look forward to meeting and capturing any of your life events!

"I can see the vision through your eyes" - Emily LaFleur-Brewster